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Our office is newly established, The Law Offices of Francisco Laso, stands out as one of the professionals that provides a higher level of expertise and quality in the treatment of issues of Labour and Social Security, also in the facets Labor Administrative Law. In addition, through associated offices, we have initiated a process of expansion to the general services companies, so it offers, for this purpose, professional services in Civil and Commercial area.

As for the provision of services to people, apart from the branch of labor law, we have consolidated all matters relating to family law, criminal law and the world of the neighboring communities.

The firm has established its commitment to high quality and excellence of the services offered and provided. Our Professionals, ensure service excellence.

It has offices in Madrid, providing professional services to national and multinational companies in all sectors of activity, acting also as external advisors often other Ships

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References Council of Ministers on 25/04/2013

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strategy Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment. (12/03/2013) 


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